Friday, September 7, 2007

Illinois Republican Minority Leader on Giuliani and the CTA

Tom Cross talks about leading Giuliani's efforts in Illinois and how to deal with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) crisis.

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Anonymous said...

Tom Cross just doesn't get it. The reason why Chicago has too much traffic is because not enough people choose to use other means, which is largely because we don't invest in transit enough in the first place.

Widening roads does NOT alleviate traffic when the places where you're delivering people can't handle the traffic coming in, it doesn't do anything for the environment, and, historically, has been shown to encourage more people to drive and within five years roads with added capacity reach their limit again. At best it's pointless; at worst, it's harmful.

To push the minimum 50% from the farebox now is absurd, as most regions give a substantially higher portion to their respective agency's operating budget. Transit needs to be seen as an essential utility--not frowned upon as though it's a burden. It's outrageous to hear an Illinois legislator so ignorant of the priority of this and to say that more roads is the solution to Chicago's traffic woes.

Anonymous said...

Cross is exactly right. Stand up for the suburbs. The CTA screwed up royally when a few years ago they raised the rates from 1.50 to 1.75 instead of going to 2.00 then.

That and the fat cats in the office.